People presented different offers based on finances

Present The Right Offer To The Right Customer – With Household Decisions

  • Present targeted offers
  • Drive sales conversions
  • Improve customer experience

Household Decisions is an offer optimization tool that uses consumer financial insight to enable point-of-sale reps to take the right action for each customer.

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Understand Your Customers’ Financial Capacity

No matter your industry, information about your prospects’ or customers’ financial capabilities and discretionary spending power makes targeting your offers to the right people more effective.

Your point-of-sale reps can input an address into the Household Decisions web-based tool and instantly get a targeted offer based on estimated spending ability or income.

Gain Insight

Understand Customer's Income, Assets, Credit, and Spending

Highlight Relevant Offer and Promote High-End Options

Help Your Sales Team Be More Effective

Whether they are on the phone or face-to-face, experienced or junior, all your Sales reps can benefit from Household Decisions.

For each residential address queried, Household Decisions returns a clear, relevant offer and message in real time, so your Sales reps won’t have to guess or waste time.

Empower Your Salespeople

Flexible Enough To Change With Your Promotions

It’s easy to set up the rules – or change them. Your company determines which offers and actions match up with specific income and spending levels.

You set up your preferred offer(s) for income or spending levels, and they will automatically be presented to your reps.

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Toggle Business Rules Easily

Measured Income and Finances in ranges

Better Data, Better Insight

Household Decisions uses best-in-class consumer financial information from Equifax to provide you household-level income and spending estimates.

Our data is based on anonymous, directly-measured information about consumer wealth from our network of leading U.S. financial institutions.

Depending on your needs and business type, we also offer additional financial measures beyond income and spending, such as estimated wealth information or estimated credit behaviors.

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Try Household Decisions for a Free 30-Day Trial!

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